Sunday, September 3, 2017

Why I Want to Write

As a child, I collected books. I remember begging my mother every time I received that scholastic book order form, you know the one, printed on thin paper, brightly coloured, and full of wonderful books to get lost in. I’d drop my bag inches from the door and bring the form to my mom, asking for anything, asking for everything, just wanting any book I could get my hands on. The ones on the last page were always the best, the books that came with the promise of another delivery each and every month, until your series was completed. I’d beg for those, and my mother would finally relent, signing up for who knew how many months of book deliveries. Oh, how I loved my books.

That love never left me, even now, as I write this blog post, I’m always thinking about books. Books I’ve read, books I want to read, books I want to write, and tidbits of ideas with immense possibility to become even better stories. I’m always asking what if or what would happen? Like, what would happen if there was a world we couldn’t see? What if ghosts were real? What if death isn’t the end? Thus, Ghosted was born. Now each twist in Blaire’s tale is her discovering her own unique set of what ifs. What if she says yes to Aiden? What if she says no? Where would that lead? And with a delicate path to weave, she began her journey. A journey with many plotted ups and downs, many triumphs, but even more heartbreak. A story of life, even through death. And a story I can’t wait to finish writing.

Being able to bring an idea, a dream, to life, is such an amazing feeling. For months, perhaps years, I’ve dreamt Blaire’s story. I’ve lived it in my mind over and over. It’s like a movie, and writing the book is such a huge release.

I dreamt of being an author as a child. Dreamt of having my name on the spine of a novel on my shelf. Writing Ghosted not only allowed me to realize my dream, it gave me the opportunity to show my children that you can accomplish your dreams. And with my four tiny humans proud of me and my book, excited to share my words with their friends, happy to have their names within my story, I will continue to write. For me. For them. And for you. Because writing is my dream, and now that I have started, I can’t see myself ever stopping.

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