Thursday, October 26, 2017

So I Wrote A Book... Now What?!

My work has just begun, that’s what. Ghosted went live two weeks ago, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how well it is doing. Reviews have started to trickle in, and I’ve decided I absolutely adore reading readers’ thoughts on Blaire’s story. I’m seeing the same comment in several reviews, about Ghosted getting off to a slow beginning, which I expected as I had an entire realm and its laws to lay down before really letting my characters loose. Of course, I was also expecting the next line I’ve seen in several reviews, a page turner which is difficult to put down.

When I began work on Ghosted many years ago, a lot of it was behind the scenes. Creating my realm for the ghosts to utilize, and making sure my laws for their universe wouldn’t create any plot holes later on. I knew once I started that it would take a couple chapters to build that world. I also knew that as a reader, I have always adored fast paced, edge of your seat reads. So I set out to create one. And while Ghosted took a minute to get there, it is my hope that it succeeded, and my further hope that I’ll maintain the forward momentum I have created within Ghosted in Haunted, book two of the My Shattered Soul Saga.

After I had finalized the publishing details for Ghosted, I began work on a new project. One I’m not entirely sure when I will be releasing. As I write this post now, I have some teasers for the new project to share with my Street Team in the works, if you haven’t joined yet you should totally do that by the way as that is where I will be sharing all of my teasers first. This week, I plan on finishing up Part One of what I project will be a three part standalone novel, each part should be the size of a novella. And rather than continue on working on this standalone novel that jumped into my head out of nowhere, I’ve decided to put further work on it on hold as I commit Haunted to NaNoWriMo.
That’s right, I plan to tackle a huge chunk—I’m talking 50,000 words here—of Haunted in November, and November alone. If I’m successful, which I was last year when I tackled NaNo, then I’ll be halfway—or slightly over the halfway point—through writing Haunted by the end of November. So YAY!

So, I’ve written a book… Now what? Now I have two books in the works, Haunted which I am planning on publishing in 2018, and this new top secret witchy book which I’m aiming for 2018 with as well. I’m working on hyping up my Street Team, because I’m super excited to meet anyone who is interested in my words, and I’m building my Newsletter list in order to bring my readers more deals, surprises, and excerpts from my projects on the go.

Also, at the end of Ghosted, I left an Author’s Note. I’m planning to make good on my promise in November. So if you haven’t yet, read that note and follow the instructions. I can’t wait to bring you more from Ghosted!

So in short, I guess to answer the ‘What Now’ bit… Writing. I will be writing more. Sharing more stories. I want to take readers on many more edge of their seat reads. I want pages to burn beneath their fingers as they race for the finish line. And I want to write books I’d love to read.

Stay Sassy,

Kristine Schwartz

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