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I have been editing manuscripts for self-published authors as a freelance editor for the past several years. Over the next few weeks, I will be attempting to showcase the novels on which I have worked here on this page. I will also be adding more in-depth details to the services I offer. For reviews of my work, I have asked the authors I work with to simply post a review of the services they've received onto the Schwartz Fiction Edits page on Facebook as a comment to the page. Feel free to browse the comments, and/or ask for any further information you may require. To request an edit, simply message the Schwartz Fiction Edits page to book the date you desire. All of my edits are geared to help you improve as an author. I leave plenty of comments so you always know what is going on during the edit. I remain in contact with you throughout your edit, sharing with you the completion percentage at the end of each editing day (should you request it). I take the stress out of the editing process. And with Microsoft Track Changes, you hold the final say in everything I do, because it's your baby, and you deserve to know each tiny step of the journey. 

List of Services:

($0.004 USD/per wrd)
A proofing can be booked for a previously edited manuscript. Perhaps you've received your edit back and used the comments within to perform more in-depth rewrites and revisions than you planned and would like a second read through. A proofing will fix:
  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Consistency, believability, and readability issues

($0.005 USD/per wrd)
I have combined the copy and line edit into one service. As an avid reader with a love for grammar and a smooth read, I simply point out and fix all errors in a single read through. I say single read through, but often times in a heavily edited passage, I will reread the passage several times to ensure perfection before moving on. But combining the copy edit with the line edit means authors can enjoy lower editing fees while still receiving the benefits of a thorough edit. A copy/line edit will include:
  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Consistency, believability, and readability issues
  • Wrong name, place, word use
  • Repetitiveness or redundancies
  • Passive Voice (should you request it)
  • Editor's Comments, which oftentimes include tips to improve your writing, grammatical rules, and/or possible or suggested edits to fix the highlighted issue
  • Reader's Comments, which show what the reader is thinking or feeling during the read through
  • Clarification and rewrite suggestions, where the manuscript requires work in order to get your point across fully and smoothly
  • Edit explained comments, where edits implemented directly into the manuscript are explained

($0.007 USD/per wrd)
Want to play it safe and book the copy/line edit with the proofing to save on cost? This package is for you then and will include all of the above services listed. It is my goal to provide quality edits for affordable prices that won't break the bank. Writing is hard, but editing doesn't have to be. Let me absorb the stress while you focus on what you do best, the actual writing of books.

I give a 30 day guarantee for each edit. Your edit will be completed within 30 days of the start date, or you will be discounted. All fees to be paid after you receive your edit back. I have allowed a two week due date to be added to each invoice. However, if you require further payment help, simply ask during the booking process and we will figure something out together. All fees will be collected through PayPal, and a 3.5% PayPal fee will be added to your invoice. After you have gone over your first edit with me, I ask that you please comment on the Schwartz Fiction Edits page with a simple review of the services you received. This concludes the fine print, which I've always wanted to write.

Books I have worked on:
*Some books are not listed as they've yet to be published, and I've only posted the most recent works edited. I will continue to add to this list and keep it as up to date as possible going forward. 

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